Pluvial Flood Mapping for Prince Edward Island

Xander Wang, University of Prince Edward Island, PEI, Canada


The Government of Prince Edward Island (PEI) has recently launched the Coastal Hazards Information Platform (CHIP), which provides coastal flooding maps under different storm surges and sea level rise scenarios. However, there are still no pluvial flooding maps (typically caused by heavy rainfall) available for PEI. The recent floods in Canada, China, US, and Europe have consistently suggest that global warming can intensify the hydrological cycle and lead to more frequency heavy rainfall events, thus more pluvial floods. This is also true for PEI as islanders have been seeing more intense and frequent heavy rainfall events in recent years. Therefore, the objective of this project is to fill the gap in pluvial flood maps for PEI with the support from the NRCan’s FHIMP program and the Government of PEI. Given that the project is still underway, this presentation will mainly focus on data collection and methodological framework. Some preliminary results towards the pluvial flood mapping in PEI will also be presented.

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