Enhancing Coastal Resilience: Rapid 2D SWMM Modeling of Hurricane Ian’s Storm Surge in Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Scott Jeffers, Anthropocene, AZ, USA


Hurricane Ian's Fall 2022 landfall in southwest Florida resulted in catastrophic damage and significant loss of life, highlighting the escalating vulnerability of coastal communities. This underscores the urgent necessity to deepen our understanding of such extreme weather events and adapt existing modeling techniques, notably SWMM, to address critical infrastructure concerns and ensure public safety.

Focusing on Fort Myers Beach, Florida, this study demonstrates a methodology for rapidly developing 2D SWMM storm surge models. Leveraging publicly accessible data—meteorological records, topographical features, and building locations—SWMM simulations can portray the inundation patterns and expansive flood zones caused by escalating surges. This case study offers insights crucial for fortifying preparedness, devising potent mitigation strategies, and enhancing the resilience of coastal regions susceptible to the devastating impacts of hurricanes and storm surges.

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