The impact of RTC implementation on the performance of green roofs in urban drainage systems

Shahrzad Hamidiaala, Abbas Jazaeri, Shirkhani, Abdolmajid Mohammadia and Sophie Duchesne


Rapid urbanization and continued expansion of impervious areas in recent decades, along with the climate change induced shifts in weather patterns have become an underlying reason for disrupting natural stormwater cycle, which results in an excessive volume of runoff and urban flooding. Green infrastructure, specifically green roofs, are low impact development (LID) elements in urban areas, which aim at optimal runoff management at the exact site of its accumulation. Coupling the already effective green roof systems with realtime control (RTC) strategies leads to an enhanced optimal on-line control of stormwater runoff. In this study, we conduct a literature review on the application of RTC in green roof systems and investigate the performance of the combination of RTC and green roofs. First, a typical green roof system will be simulated using the LID Green Roof module of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Storm Water Management Model (SWMM). Through built-in coding interfaces in SWMM, different RTC strategies will be implemented to evaluate its impacts on the green roof ‘s hydrological performance.

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