Rolling out SWMM5+ for public use and open-source development

Ben R. Hodges and Sazzad Sharior


The first phase of the SWMM5+ hydraulic engine development is complete and undergoing final testing before public release. The new code is the culmination of 6+ years of work funded by the USEPA at the Center for Infrastructure Modeling and Management (CIMM) at the University of Texas at Austin. The new hydraulic engine is integrated with EPA SWMM (version 5.1) such that the existing hydrologic and LID code is retained, with hydraulic solver being entirely replaced with a finite-volume approach. The new code allows the computationally-intensive hydraulics to be solved with multi-thread parallel computing on workstations or supercomputers. Output from the hydraulics is provided in HDF5 binary files that are suitable for large systems. The new code is written in Fortran 2008, but compiles seamlessly with the C code of EPA SWMM using the Intel oneAPI compiler. Installation on user machines is through a Docker container that encapsulates the library dependencies. The new code is being published as public domain software as required by the EPA.

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