Integrating transient simulation in water networks (TSNet) model into PCSWMM for transient analysis in water distribution systems

Hailiang Shen


Transient Simulation in water Networks (TSNet) model is a Python 3 site package for transient simulations for water distribution systems. TSNet uses an EPANET model to calculate its initial conditions and Method of Characteristics to solve the governing equations of transient hydraulics. The package provides Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to set up a TSNet model, run, and visualize it. A few improvements are identified to ease the usage by end users (e.g. TSNet only accepts metric unit input parameters). To implement such improvements, TSNet model is integrated into a spatial support software PCSWMM, by developing PCSWMM Python scripts and creating files to exchange data between the PCSWMM and TSNet APIs. The PCSWMM scripts, TSNet site package and its dependent Python environment can be zipped into a single file with extension pyz. The pyz file can be shared with others and installed by a single button click in PCSWMM. With this integration, one can edit an EPANET model, set up and run the TSNet model, and visualize transient outputs all within PCSWMM.

Author keywords: TSNet; PCSWMM; Integration; Water distribution system; Python; Scripting; GIS; Time series

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