A preview of the next SWMM 5 update

Lewis A. Rossman


Several new computational features have been added into the EPA SWMM 5 engine and its associated user interface.

  • Street inlet capture analysis introduces two new modeling elements into SWMM, street cross-sections and inlet drains (such as grates and curb openings). It uses the US Federal Highway Administration’s procedures to compute the amount of street flow captured by a specific inlet design placed either on-grade or on-sag.
  • The conditional clauses used in control rules have been extended to include additional properties (such as current rainfall), named variables that serve as aliases for object-ID-property triplets, and math expressions that represent functional relationships between named variables.
  • A true variable speed pump type has been added that uses the pump affinity laws to shift its pump curve as the pump’s relative speed setting changes.
  • Functional expressions for surface area versus height have been added for storage units shaped as truncated elliptical cones or truncated rectangular pyramids.

Examples of using each of these new features will be presented. These updates are currently being reviewed and tested by US EPA and other third parties and will hopefully be available shortly.

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