Climate change implications: Environmental approaches to assist protection of coastal cities

Edward McBean


Issues of water security are rapidly becoming of utmost importance for many countries in the 21st century, with many factors contributing, including sporadic and intense rainfall events, destructive storm surges, increasing populations, and a scarcity of accessible, potable water. These contributing factors are all evolving to heighten the severity of water security issues and their associated repercussions. Issues of water security are most critical in coastal regions and decisions need to be made for the long term.

The presentation will demonstrate that the primary issues of sea level rise, storm surges, and subsidence are most critical, with the last of these three typically being the most significant of these. In response, while there is no ‘magic bullet’, review of some of the most important options/needs will be provided. Within categories, the review will reflect environmental approaches, hard engineering approaches, potential for use of more people-oriented and industry-oriented measures. The presentation will demonstrate that no single action will solve the issue and there is an imperative need to act quickly.

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