B Shrestha, B Aldhafari, N Bear and A Shrestha


Civil engineers have continuously exploited advancements in computation technology to make design decisions economic, faster and with less manpower. Analysis of engineering systems that once required resources only affordable to large institutions or government agencies are now routinely solved with desktop software of an expert. We have seen calculation tables moving to the mainframes, and then to the desktop computers. The time is here to move EPA SWMM to the world wide web. Essentially, a web browser can run a stormwater model. This paper demonstrates this possibility using EPA SWMM as an example. Same concept can be adapted to many open source software. By further abstracting complexity of a model from end users, and presenting simpler user interface, stakeholders can participate in the decision-making process. In a global context, technicians from developing countries can participate and take advantage of the technology hitherto beyond their means. Collaboration to address trans-border water and wastewater issues can be addressed transparently when hydraulic model representation of the actual system is available to the users.

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