Activated sludge and fluid modeling in wastewater treatment

Adwaith Gupta, Anup Gokarn and Mike Barkhudarov


A thorough understanding of activated sludge treatment can help engineers and designers improve the water treatment process while minimizing costs. Activated sludge modeling (ASM) requires solving a large and complex system of highly non-linear, coupled equations for the chemical reactions. By providing the associated reaction kinetics, it is possible to numerically predict the concentration of various chemical species as they interact with one other. Additionally, several other physical processes such as oxygen dissolution and transport, turbulence and sludge settling influence the evolution of the species concentration. An ASM solver has been developed which, in conjunction with a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver, can simulate the complex interactions between the species in a wastewater treatment plant. In this paper, the ASM solver is briefly described and a validation case is presented.

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