Implementation of a new master plan approach for the water distribution network of the Paris Orly airport platform

Nelly Peyron


The French Paris Orly airport, located south of the city of Paris, is significantly growing these last years with the opening of a new gateway. Due to the upcoming new projects on the platform, Paris Airport would like to make sure that its distribution network, of more than 80 km long, is sufficient, particularly in case of fires that would need a large amount of water over the platform.

A precise study has been conducted in order to test the network in present and future states and design the necessary solutions to solve any future problems related to the distribution water network on the platform. The new approach developed for that objective has been conducted based on the EPAnet engine included in PCSWMM, following 4 steps: (i) the analysis of the available on site water data (consumptions, measurements…) (ii) the development and calibration of the water distribution model under present state, including a direct link with the wastewater model information (also available through PCSWMM) (iii) the model update to include the various new projects that will be constructed by 2030 (iv) the use of the model to determine the critical areas under fire conditions, including the test for all hydrants (more than 200) considering special constraints depending on the local context (some hydrants simultaneously used) (v) the definition and test of the optimal solutions to get an overall performant network (vi) the implementation of a financial program for the hydraulics works to conduct within the next few years.

It has to be noted that the special tools that has been implemented within PCSWMM for the EPAnet model setup and simulations were essential to efficiently build, test and analyze the multiple required scenarios that include fires all over the platform. Based on this study, Paris Airport can now manage the implementation of the defined hydraulics works within the next years.


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