Recent developments towards a new hydraulic solver for SWMM

Ben Hodges, Ehsan Madadi-Kandjani, Edward Tiernan, Gerardo Andres Riano Briceno and Sazzad Sharior


A new hydraulic solver for SWMM is being developed under the Center for Infrastructure Modeling and Management through a grant from the USEPA. The new solver is being designed to solve long-standing problems in SWMM with regard to mass conservation, speed of solution, and parallelization. The new approach replaces the conventional link-node solver with a finite-volume solver that ensures mass conservation. The new code includes a separate dynamic (Saint-Venant) solver for open-channel flow and an artificial compressibility solver for surcharged (or near surcharged) pipe flow. We are developing the solver as an adjunct to SWMM5 with full backwards compatibility with the existing code and minimal changes in the SWMM input files.

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