Outline of a new computational engine for SWMM

Ben Hodges, Charles Rowney and Ehsan Madadi-Kandjani


A new computational engine for SWMM is under development with a goal of making the model compatible with the next generation of multi-processor computer chips used in desktop machines, cloud computing, and supercomputers. The new solver will be connected to the existing SWMM5 code through an Application Program Interface so that users will be able to use either the old engine or the new engine.  Advances in the new engine include: (i) finite-volume algorithms with sub-discretization of links and nodes, (ii) artificial compressibility for surcharged pipes to obtain mass conservation to numerical precision, (iii) coding in Fortran 2008, which allows relatively simple parallelization through the use of coarrays, and (iv) improved flexibility in definition of sub-catchments and green infrastructure features. The new engine structure relies on data storage as 2D arrays with index mapping relationships between elements and the faces between elements. This approach allows coarray Fortran to easily parse the solution across any number of processors without recompiling or customization. We will present an outline of the new data structure for SWMM and we are actively soliciting feedback on how the new structure might be improved.

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