Implementation of a dynamic innovative strategy to manage the winter pollution flows on the Paris-CDG airport platform

Nelly Peyron and Jean-Yves Lepot


The French Paris CDG airport is regularly subjected to frequent winter snow events during which airplanes are treated with particular fluids that avoid the icing process or help for removing the ice already installed on the planes. Up to now, the strategy to meet the environmental French constraints was to store all the water and treat them before getting them back to the environment. However, the last heavy winters showed the limit of such a strategy since the storage basins were almost full and close to overflow. An innovative dynamical strategy has been developed in order to meet the pollution constraints by optimizing and improving the hydraulics components of the platform.

Since the first flows are the most polluted one, the methodology of this innovative strategy was based on: (i) the development of a performant stormwater model that would allow to analyze the situation and determine the required retention basins capacities and flow regulation constraints to setup (ii) the implementation of the necessary hydraulics works within the platform (iii) the development of a decision support system to help operating the hydraulic works in real time during crisis periods. The works now finished, Paris Airport can now successfully use its tools and present its feedbacks.


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