Rapid restoration of infiltration capacities in clogged permeable interlocking concrete pavers - proof of concepts

William James and Harald von Langsdorff


Where clogging of drainage cells in permeable interlocking concrete pavers is dominantly in the upper parts of the filter media, as it is most cases, the cells may be very rapidly cleaned (and restored) by constructing in each paver special cupules and conduits. Cupules described in this presentation facilitate very rapid and thorough removal (street cleaning equipment velocities restricted only by allowable safe speeds over the pavement).  Conduits are provided for maximum or controlled drainage flow rates. Experiments were carried out at universities in Southern Ontario, in which the independent variables were: V, speed of cleaning equipment over the pavement; theta, angle of the cleaning jets; p, pressure in the cleaning jets; d and r, geometry of the cupules; and G, gradation of the filter media. The dependent variable was S, ratio of mass of removed and captured to original mass of cell filter media (plus filtrate). Results show that for the chosen geometries, complete removal is easily achieved at almost any speed, even when unreasonably high. Videos of the experiments are presented. The essential result is that particulates and pollutants associated with them are readily captured by the high-speed equipment. Evidently this work presages a significant advance in environmental protection afforded by these readily managed special permeable concrete block pavers.

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