Parallelization of the SWMM5 engine and more

Rob James, Tiehong Xiao, Nandana Perera, Mark Randall and Karen Finney, Computational Hydraulics Int., Guelph, ON, Canada


The latest US EPA SWMM5.1.007 engine is a single threaded dynamic link library, which means the code executes in a sequential fashion. As the clock frequency of commercially available desktop CPUs has not improved significantly over the past 10 years, the ability of modern chips to keep up with Moore’s law has now become largely dependent on increasing the CPU’s ability to execute multiple operations simultaneously. As such, single threaded applications cannot take advantage of this increased processing power. The authors have explored the potential for parallelizing SWMM5 and present their findings, along with an open source parallelized version of SWMM.

This version of SWMM also includes other new capabilities such as seasonal modeling, and the ability to route flow from the hydraulic conveyance system back into the hydrologic component of SWMM. The methodology and benefits of these new functions are also presented.

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