The new Journal of Water Management Modeling

Rob James, Computational Hydraulics Int. (CHI), Guelph, ON, Canada


The series of monographs produced for each of these annual conferences has finally been replaced by a new web-based digital format, called the Journal of Water Management Modeling (JWMM). Manufacture of hard-copy paper monographs is labour-intensive and expensive, and distribution of the content has real limitations. New software renders JWMM more readily produced and beneficially used. This presentation illustrates the web-based procedures, and illustrates the free availability of the papers from last year’s conference. Although JWMM is funded by CHI, the editorial board operates entirely independently. Editors and redactors are introduced, and the background, policies and publication steps reviewed in detail. JWMM should become an important source of information for our community of developers, users and beneficiaries. Our sub-discipline (urban and rural water systems models) remains critically important and deserves improved information dissemination.

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