TMDLs Challenges for 2009 and Beyond

Walter C. Trnka


The Clean Water Act has identified the nine minimum controls that will result in the clean up of the constituents of concern. During the 1990s stormwater trash and floatables were identified for removal and enforcement. In the 2000s, other materials were identified as pollution of concern like bacteria and organic matter, gross particulate and sediment, oil and grease and heavy metals from stormwater, urban, farm and industrial runoff. The list will continue to grow as efforts are made to clean up the water for the public to use. The challenges ahead will be to find the technologies that will be successful for control and elimination in 2009 and beyond with the utilization of existing and new BAT (Best Available/Affordable Technologies) solutions some of which are in the experimental and demonstration phases. Industry will find these solutions as the TMDL s are identified and enforced today and beyond. This presentation describes the use of these systems in a variety of applications:

  • Stormwater & Urban Runoff Management
  • Farm Stormwater/Run-Off/Wastewater Systems
  • Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Development Stormwater Systems
  • Trash/Floatables Collection Prior to Stormwater Retention Pond
  • Site Development & Parking Lot Stormwater
  • Shallow Depth Stormwater Piping
  • Recreational Stormwater Trash & Floatables Management
  • Large & Small Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Systems

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