Peak Flow Assessment of the Moses-Pepper Drain in Ottawa

Laurent Jolliet


The Moses-Pepper Drain (MPD) study area covers approximately 254 ha of urban land use in the Alta Vista area in Ottawa. The construction of the new Alta-Vista Transportation Corridor will result in increased drainage to the existing MPD system, in the vicinity of the outlet to the Rideau River. Therefore, the scope of work of this study includes hydrologic and hydraulic modeling to assess the performance of the MPD. The hydrologic model development involved the use of SWMHYMO, Streambuilder, a GIS, and a 1m by 1m grid Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of the study area. The Streambuilder software is a GIS tool that creates surface drainage patterns and subcatchments directly from the DEM. The DEM was used to calculate maximum ponding volumes at low points within each catchment. A total of 61 low points were identified in the catchment and entered in the hydrologic model to generate flows at the outlet.

The hydraulic model of the system from Alta Vista to the Rideau River (total length 400 m) was developed using XP-SWMM. Stage-storage relationships were developed based on the DEM and used to define on-line storages. No flow data were available to calibrate the hydrologic and hydraulic model.

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