Anatomy of an adaptive stormwater management strategy at UniverCity supported with continuous monitoring and detailed modeling

Gabor Vasarhelyi, Mauricio Herrera, and Dale Mikkelsen


A distributed flow monitoring program has been instrumental in the success of the adaptive stormwater management plan at UniverCity, a sustainable development community led by Simon Fraser University, atop Burnaby Mountain. Gathered data over a two year period during pre-development conditions, and for over four years since construction started, has provided, and continues to provide valuable knowledge that enables the assessment of onsite stormwater control facilities, and overall system performance; to take adaptive measures, and to gain increasing confidence on detailed modeling as a key tool for planning, design and assess the functioning of distributed LID practices across a developed sub-watershed. This paper summarizes the main concepts and rationale behind the stormwater management plan, presents a summary of system modeling approaches and, outlines some key findings from the monitoring program.

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