International Conference on Water Management Modeling 2019 - Current list of accepted abstracts

We are still accepting abstracts, please check back periodically for updates.

Keynote Speaker - Christine Zimmer, Credit Valley Conservation, Mississaugua, ON, Canada

Assessment the best management practices for quality and quantity improvement of urban runoff-case study the city of Karaj - Hamidreza Yarmohammadi and Hessam Vatandoust, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran, Mohammadreza Kavianpour, K.N.Tossi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Regional stormwater BMPs - Larry Tortuya, GHD, Irvine, CA, USA

Continuity error comparison between SWMM 5.1 and SWMM 5.1 spatially discretized using quality assurance test cases - Robson L. Pachaly, Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil, Jose G. Vasconcelos, Auburn University, AL, USA, Daniel G. Allasia, and Joao P. P. Bocchi, Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil

Parameterizing unit hydrographs (UH) to account for rainfall derived inflow and infiltration (RDII) for multiple land uses under tropical climate - Ho Huu Loc and Kim N. Irvine, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Lloyd Chua, Deakin University, Australia and Le Song Ha, Surbana Jurong Pte Ltd, Singapore

Effectiveness of low impact development practices in flood attenuation - Vali Ghorbanian, CIMA+, Mississauga, ON, Canada

Analysis on water quality characteristics of typical black and stinking river in Chengdu City by SWMM - Xintuo Chen, Jia She, Chengyue Lai, Yiyao Wang, Ke Zhong, Jiayang Chen and Lin Chen, Chengdu Research Institute of Environmental Protection Science, Sichuan, China

An artificial intelligence predictive model for turbidity current concentration in reservoirs - Sara Baghalian and Masoud Ghodsian, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran

Application of public access two-dimensional hydrodynamic and distributed hydrological models for flood forecasting in ungauged basins - Ahmad Shayeq Aziz, Ministry of Energy and Water-Afghanistan, Herat, Afghanistan and Yuji Toda, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

Operation of the grand Ethiopian renaissance dam: Potential risks and mitigation measures - Nourhan Abdelazim, Hesham Bekhit, and Mohamed Allam, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

Use PCSWMM’s SRTC tool to calibrate the time-area runoff hydrology in Mike Urban - Suibling Liu, Jacobs, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Keep calm and calibrate - Sam Shamsi, Allegheny County Health Department, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Dynamic shifting and readjustment of regional hydro-political equilibrium due to climatic change in Pakistan - Rashid Farooq, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan, Shahmir Janjua, Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan and Muhammad Atiq, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

Evaluation of water diplomacy for restoration of a trans-boundary wetland - Mohammad Ebrahim Banihabib and Sajad Najafi Marghmalek, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Optimizing reservoir operation to include sediment management: a new approach tested for the Roseires Dam, Blue Nile River - Reem F. Digna, WSP, Thornhill, ON, Canada, Pieter van der Zaag, Yasir A. Mohamed, Stefan Uhlenbrook, IHE Delft Institute, Delft, The Netherlands and Mustafa A Mukhtar, Santec, Markham, ON, Canada

Understanding the climate change impacts on water supply security of Myponga Reservoir, Adelaide - Phuong Do and Subhashini Wella Hewage, University of South Australia, South Australia, Australia

Methodology for restoration and rehabilitation of a degraded watershed in Panj Amu river basin of Afghanistan using GIS and applying climate change adaptation approach - Ahmadullah Rasooli, AECOM, Kabul, Afghanistan

The application of Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) in simulation of urban drainage System - Aneesha Satya, Shasi M and Deva Paratap, National Institute of Technology Warangal, Warangal, Telangana, India

Improvements to HEC-RAS floodplain elevations in the Allen Creek and design of hydraulic improvements for flood relief using EPA SWMM v5: case study from the Allen Creek in Ann Arbor, MI - Nathan D. Zgnilec, OHM Advisors, Livonia, MI, USA

Integrated urban flash flood modelling in hillside catchments - Stefan Leitner, Gerald Krebs, and Dirk Muschalla, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria

Flood risk in urban areas - John Covey, Wood Group plc, Wichita, KS, USA

Surge analysis of OARS tunnel in Columbus, Ohio: Unsteady flow simulation and surge evaluation in rapid filling tunnel - Hazem Gheith, Tiantian Xiang, ARCADIS U.S., Inc, Columbus, OH, USA and Jose G. Vasconcelos, Auburn University, Auburn, AL, USA

Using enhanced urban drainage modeling to prioritize green infrastructure efficiencies - Hazem Gheith, Khaled Abdo and Qiuli Lu, ARCADIS U.S., Inc, Columbus, OH, USA

Dynamically coupling enhanced 1‐D sewer network and 2‐D surface routing for urban drainage - Hazem Gheith and Qiuli Lu, ARCADIS U.S., Inc, Columbus, OH, USA


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FEBRUARY 27-28, 2019
International Conference on Water Management Modeling

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